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Our LEMS driver is not an evolution of the electrodynamic driver. It can be called a revolution.

It has 99,7% linear behaviour and has no compression at all which gives it a perfect dynamic response.​

Mechanical resistance of the cone is nulled so there is no absorbtion of music signal, even not the tiniest one. Therefore the smallest detail can be heard.​

The driver is ultra fast and this quality combined with it’s linearity results in very high resolving power of complex music.​

The ultra low levels of distortion will guarantee hours of listening pleasure without any listening fatigue.​

We can easily say this driver comes close to perfection.​

The Magister has been designed as a whole. We did not buy individual components and put them together. Everything was designed to match with each other in order to reach optimal synergy between components.

Therefore our filter could be reduced to a minimum and the music signal is kept uncompromised.

DRIVERS:           Woofer:                          8 inches
                           Material:                         paper cone

                           Tweeter:                         1″ Ring Dome Diaphragm
                           Material:                         silk

                           Frequency responce:   35-20.000Hz +/- 3dB, RAR
                           Nominal impedance:    8 ohm (min. imp 4 ohm @ 15Khz)
                           Sensitivity:                      89 dB 1 watt/1 meter

DIMENSIONS:  Height:                             976mm
                           Width:                              250mm
                           Depth:                             465mm
                           Weight:                           30Kg each

High-end rating 3V power supply needed for the cone to float.

As a surplus it is possible to change the suspesion stiffness of the cone to the desired value, depending on taste.